Hearing protection

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Siemens Secure Ear

Siemens Secure Ear

SecureEar is the new digital hearing protection device that protects your hearing from excessive noise and loud sounds. It perfectly combines hearing protection with the ability to communcicate effectively in all environments, utilising many of the technologies that Siemens has to offer including Speech Enhancement Technology. It is custom made for the perfect fit to ensure that, whatever the environment (e.g. a day at the shooting range or whilst working with heavy machinery), you are protected whilst still able to hear the world around you. Full information is available on request.

Puretone CENS Digital

Puretone CENS Digital

The original Puretone CENS Digital earplug with the electronics inserted into a hard, custom-made shell. Available with single programme for general noise suppression, or two pre-set programmes to optimise protection for either game or clay shooting.

Puretone CENS Proflex

A new design and material – easy to clean and maintain, as well as giving increased comfort.

Consists of a removable module, with volume control, which fits in to a flexible silicone custom mould, with a super soft tip to the canal. Available in three models, with a wide range of earmould and module colour combinations:

ProFlex Digital 1. Standard noise suppression with a single programme to suppress loud gunshot noise, while also boosting ambient sounds.

ProFlex Digital 2. Features two pre-programmed settings to use for either clay or game shooting.

ProFlex Hunter. To suppress the louder gunshot noise from rifles and large calibre ammunition, as well as being suitable for shotgun shooters. Features two programmes: one for standard noise reduction and the other providing additional wind noise reduction. Comes with CENS Wind Shields that fit over the ear and other accessories.

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