Hearing Aids

- Types of hearing aid


Hearing Aids

There are several different styles of hearing instruments, not to mention the multiple design and colour options. Each hearing instrument is designed and fitted to each person’s hearing needs.


Types of Hearing Aid - Completely-in-Canal (CIC), Mini Canal, Half Shell ITE, Full Shell ITE, BTE Conventional, BTE Open Fitting, RIC Open Fitting, In The Helix.

Bone Conductors

These can be worn on glasses, or a band, and are an option for people with perforated ear drums which weep. These are now being replaced by bone anchored hearing aids which means a referral for an operation.



Tinnitus Maskers

Many people will experience a ringing or rushing in their head, if only momentarily. It is only when the 'noise' dominates a person's life that something needs to be done. Many people suffering from tinnitus also have some degree of hearing loss. Tinnitus maskers are built into a small, simple BTE and can help to distract the brain from the 'noise' - be it a brass band or a whistling kettle.




- these may be recommended where a one sided hearing loss presents in order to provide all round hearing again. They are also now available as a wireless system.


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