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Bluetooth Accessories

Siemens Tek

Bluetooth will connect your hearing aids wirelessly to audio devices like TV, mobile phone, iPods, etc. by means of a small transmitter, which is connected to the sound source (e.g. TV), and which transfers the sound directly into your hearing aid(s) via a receiver or a Bluetooth compatible remote control.

Remote Controls

Siemens and Phonak Remotes

Remote controls are an optional extra on many models. They may just change volume and programmes, or can be Bluetooth compatible for use with various accessories. Some of the advanced ones can also be used to make changes to the tonal quality of the hearing aids to help with speech in noise or to enhance the quality of music.


Siemens Hearing Aid Charger

Some hearing instruments are rechargeable, so there is no need to worry about changing batteries in the middle of a meeting, or during dinner with friends. The instruments are simply placed into the charger overnight and are ready to go all day. Some chargers even offer an electronic drying function which removes any moisture whilst the instruments are charging.

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